Deputy Director General of Communications, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure | President, ITS Türkiye

Esma Dilek was born in Denizli in 1981. She graduated from Yıldız Technical University Computer Engineering Department in 2003. After working as a Software Engineer in the private sector for approximately 1.5 years, she started to work as a Computer Engineer in the Traffic Directorate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) in 2006.

As part of the local government-funded overseas study project initiated by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 2008, she had an opportunity to have a master’s degree in USA. She completed her master's degree in Computer Science Department at Boston University in 2010, obtained the "Certificate in Academic Excellence" certificate, and continued her duty as a Software Development Specialist at IMM’s Traffic Directorate.

Until she was appointed as the Deputy Traffic Director in April 2015, she worked in many projects as an application developer of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for desktop, internet and mobile platforms at the Traffic Control Center, which serves under the IMM’s Traffic Directorate. During three years as the Deputy Traffic Director, she served as the technical and administrative officer of ITS components, and software used by IMM that are managed from the Traffic Control Center.

During the years she was employed at the Traffic Directorate of IMM, she worked as Project Manager in many international projects carried out by Transportation Department of IMM.

As the Project Manager of the VITAL and R4E (Roadmaps for Energy) Projects, for which IMM was entitled to receive grants within the scope of the 7th Framework and Horizon 2020 programs of the European Union, she contributed IMM to benefit from the European Union funds.

Ms. Dilek has many research papers about Intelligent Transportation Systems and the effects of mega projects on Istanbul’s transportation, which were presented and published in various international congresses.

Ms. Dilek, who served as IMM’s Director of Information Technology (IT) and the Director of Smart City between August 2018 - April 2020, has been working as the Deputy Director General of Communications at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure since April 2020. She is also volunteering as the President of ITS Türkiye since April 2021 and has a good command of English.

Dilek pursues her doctoral studies at Gazi University Department of Information Security Engineering.