Director of Product and Service Management, Türk Telekom

Fatih Türkoğlu, who completed his Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in 2008, began his professional career as a Technology Consultant at IBM Türkiye office in 2008.

Later, he started providing Management Consulting services on Technology Strategies for the Telecommunications, Finance, and Insurance sectors at Accenture Turkey office. Since 2014, he has taken on various roles within the telecommunications sector, leading numerous Smart City Projects and Digital Transformation projects in both public and private sectors. Additionally, during this time, he participated in the Global Telecommunications Strategies program at the University of Texas.

Currently, he serves as the Director of Products and Services at Türk Telekom, leading several areas including investment planning, product and service development, roadmap creation, commercialization, and marketing activities in areas such as Data Center, Cloud, Cyber Security, 5G, Private Networks, Smart Cities, Smart Transportation Systems, Industrial Automation System Integration Projects, and Fixed Infrastructure services.