Growth and Smart Mobility Business Area Leader, FORD OTOSAN

Erhan Köseoğlu started his career in the telecommunications industry and held various leadership positions in IT operations and demand management at Turkcell. Afterwards, he led the creation of the Agile Solutions organisation at Vodafone Türkiye and the creation of the Vodafone Turkey Agile Centre of Excellence. Erhan Köseoğlu, who was also the leader of CRM and Digital Solutions areas at Vodafone, later held leadership roles in the financial services transformation programme at PepsiCo Türkiye and took part in the creation of PepsiCo Europe IT agile transformation programme. At BSH-Bosch Siemens Home Appliances, he led the global and regional agility transformation programmes at the head office in Germany and took part in the organisational transformation strategy and change management of emerging markets.

Since 2020, Erhan Köseoğlu has assumed senior leadership roles at Ford Otosan, leading the redesign of Ford Otosan's entire organisational structure and culture model, the integration of agile working models, the operation of data-driven decision mechanisms and the transformation of human resources processes and tools. Currently, he leads the Ford Otosan Growth and Smart Mobility business area leadership role, leading corporate innovation, intrapreneurship, smart mobility and investment processes in innovative start-ups to provide access to new technologies, ideas and markets through Ford Otosan Corporate venture capital (CVC).

Erhan Köseoğlu holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a Master's degree in Engineering Management. He is about to complete his Executive MBA programme at Koç University. For the last 10 years, he has been working on business agility coaching, design thinking coaching, mentoring and individual coaching as a Co-Active coach.