Ord. Prof. Dr. Şahin ALBAYRAK

Ord. Prof. Dr. Şahin ALBAYRAK
Berlin Technical University, Keynote Speaker

Prof. Dr. Şahin Albayrak completed his primary and Secondary School Education in Tunceli, where he was born and raised and was originally from his hometown.

In 1979, he settled in Germany and continued his university education in Germany.

Şahin Albayrak, who has been a faculty member since 1995, became a professor when he was only 35 years old.

He was one of the two most research professors at the University of Berlin in the 2000s.

Ord. Prof. Dr. Şahin Albayrak was appointed head of the computer and Communication Research Department at the Technical University of Berlin in 2003.

He was a consultant at the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology Research and was awarded the Federal Order of Merit for his contributions to the relations between Turkey and Germany.

Mr. Albayrak and his crew build the first smart road used by driverless cars in Germany in 2018.